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Expert Care at Black Knight Auto

Est. 2006, Black Knight Auto is owned by Porsha. Leaders in automotive paint, our services include: Custom Paint Services [matching, correction, chip repair, custom design] Paint Protection Film (PPF), Clear Bra, Window Tint, Ceramic Coatings, Clear Revive, Scratch Removal, Headlight Restoration and more!

Porsha has loved working with cars from the jump. As a baby she would sit under the hood of her father’s ’69 Nova with her hands in the grease. As she got older, Porsha became enchanted with paint and bodywork. She has followed her passion and loves to restore paint to the perfect finish. 

Porsha has intentionally hired a team that shares the same vision. We believe in treating every vehicle as if it were our own. Every service is performed with precision and backed with a full guarantee.  Ours is the only ceramic coating with a LEGALLY COMPLIANT WARRANTY.

We are a band of vehicle, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle enthusiasts, which means you are getting the best service and quality for all your machines! Whether are protecting your ride with our coatings, expressing your style with custom paint, or reviving and repairing with clear-revive, touch-up, and paint correction, our touch stands alone. That is why the industry often refers to us as the "untouchables" 

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